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Today i was linked up with aa guy named "Colins is my name"  he has a great travel site http://exilelifestyle.com/archive/ check it out .

North Carolina

North Carolina was the 12th state in the USA; it became a state on November 21, 1789.

State Abbreviation - NC

State Capital - Raleigh

Largest City - Charlotte

Area - 53,821 square miles [North Carolina is the 28th biggest state in the USA]

Population - 8,049,313 (as of 2000) [North Carolina is the 11th most populous state in the USA]

Name for Residents - North Carolinians

Major Industries - farming (tobacco, poultry), textiles, furniture

Presidential Birthplaces

James Knox Polk was born in Mecklenburg County on November 2, 1795 (he was the 11th US President, serving from 1845 to 1849).

Andrew Johnson was born in Raleigh on December 29, 1808 (he was the 17th US President, serving from 1865 to 1869).

Major Rivers - Neuse River, Roanoke River, Yadkin River

Major Lakes - Lake Mattamuskeet, Lake Phelps, Lake Waccamaw

Highest Point - Mt. Mitchell - 6,684 feet (2,037 m) above sea level

Number of Counties - 100

Bordering States - Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia

Origin of the Name North Carolina - North Carolina was named to honor King Charles I (Carolus is Latin for Charles). State Nickname - Tar Heel State

State Motto - "Esse Quam Videri" (To Be Rather Than to Seem)

State Song - The Old North State

State Bird-Cardinal
Dinosaur Fossils Found in North Carolina - Hypsibema, Lophorhothon, Zatomus


Right now as i sit here typing this document @ 100 wp mins i cant' help but wonder who decided that when it comes to typing you have to pu your fingers on a,s,d,f,j,k,l,; like who are these people that make all the impoortasnt descisions and why don't i know these people. I want to be one of the desicion makers too. I want to to be so important one day that i get to put a word in the dictionary and have a bio in a history book. A holiday and my own street. lol These are just my thought people peace